Sweepstake For 10 GanjahTickets

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  • This is a sweepstake, These are Ganjah-Tickets....
  • G-Tickets are tickets stored by our system to specific people.
  • G-Tickets are given in the form of Discount Codes
  • G-Tickets are worth approximately $1
  • G-Tickets cannot be stacked with other discount codes
  • G-Tickets cannot be stacked, however G-Tickets can be traded for higher G-Tickets 

ex) 10 Single “G-Tickets”, bought to get 1 “10xG-Tickets”... which is worth $20.00 !!!

  • The higher the demand or price of a product, the more G-Tickets that will be allowed to enter to win in order to increase chances...
  • Only 10 tickets will be sold, meaning each ticket is worth approximately 10% of a winning chance.
  • The draws are took by a randomized generating computer that picks at random after all tickets are sold.
  • G-tickets can also be used in order to buy chances at winning other products for free!!!
  • Once all tickets are sold out, within 24 hours the winner will be chosen and emailed for their desired product and/or reward!